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The Truth As I approach the end of the corridor I pause and wonder if I'm at a dead end. Could this be all there is? Did I make all the right choices? Is this what's supposed to happen?
The questions raced through my mind continuously, I entertained the thought of turning back. Time to leave.
Stop. I take a moment to relax and analyze the situation. Spontaneous actions lack the backing of wise decisions. What am I doing? What am I feeling?

DOUBT. I am doubting my choices, doubting my motives and actions. That is not the kind of poison that I want seeping through my veins. I must retake control of my thoughts. Doubt is no longer welcome here, in my mind.

So I look forward, at the seemingly empty, dead end path I am walking on, and I take another step.

It is then that I realized that it wasn't a dead end at all, but simply the doorway to the next level.

I had conquered doubt, thus allowing me safe passage through any door, and I was free to pursue my goal in life.

Nothing can stop my dreams from becoming a reality now, nothing.
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makeda no such thing as death
only the cycle of life
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