no reason i could scribble all these crazy colours over blather and make it not so blue anymore
and then sometimes_i_wish
that someone or something
(maybe the new blather)
could do
the same
for me.
dreamer can i scribble on you? 050407
no reason sure, if you use crazy colours. 050408
trox what is going on people are scibbled on all the time 050408
no reason people would get the wrong idea
'cause it could be the right one
dipperwell I could have you back. As I thought you were. Unfortunately it is too late, because I don't like who you are now, and you've lost all interest in me anyhow. 051016
Strideo i could tell a really great story. lack of motivation and self criticism always get in the way. is it self criticism? or just my own regonition of my lack of talent? then again one does not improve if one does not try . . .

unhinged weed didn't make me feel overwhelmed 090418
Arwyn I didn't need all these meds.
I hadn't lived through all of that bs.
I had the money to make the kiddo's life a little easier - not fabulous wealth, but enough that we could save some money for a rainy day.

Mostly, I just wish people were kinder to each other and less obsessed with little things. I include myself in this unequivocally.
what's it to you?
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