nah....! and roses in the rain 011201
nah....! raspberry kisses 011203
nah....! and soaring thoughts 011216
nah....! pink roses in a box 020210
Grievance behind the dithered gold fallen leaves static noise of where they once were.


underneath where they fall.


there were unpublished spaces I once occupied.
nah....! and laughter in the den 020217
pushpins draw my back
in a shiver
of crisp solitude.
tides run silent
lapping at my toes
blue with fresh fear
loving the september shadows
which catch me
When i try to run
from the sanctuary
of autumn.
distorted tendencies you were always haunting me
trying to get me back

and now..
i want you back.
even though i was the one

who shunned you and exiled you..

i want you back
reitoei encore! encore! lets see what helpless nation bush bombs next time. 020219
nah....! this blathe has nothing to do with september 11th.
i'm only speaking for myself here. it has to do with septembers from years ago, septembers that are long past.
kx21 9? 020220
Rhiannon I am one

A shadow from the second day of september

No one notices these shadows much, where they lie hidden in their midst

the dying heat of summer and the falling leaves of autumn are what compose me

And that's not much...
pd september shadows of october sorrow
thirteen could be so unlucky,
who would have known
what's it to you?
who go