minnesota_chris I don't accept the notion that sanctions killed x many thousand people. Saddam Hussein killed his own people by being such an ass, mustard gassing an ethnic group, pursuing biological and nuclear weapons. 031102
unhinged are all fine and dandy in a rhetorical sense but they are destructive and painful to any that have to live under them. just another form of war, violence

'(kian) tells me that today is an important day for iran. as part of the nuclear negotiations, sanctions against iran have been relaxed. from today, for the first time in thirty-five years airplane parts can be imported from the u.s. on top of that, iran can again export oil, and 4.9 billion of a total 100 billion u.s. dollars frozen in foreign accounts has been released. 'we have had two hundred plane accidents in recent decades, with more than two thousand deaths, which were mostly down to the lack of spare parts,' explains kian. supplies of medication have also been affected by the sanctions and caused many deaths in iran, among cancer patients, for instance. 'it never hurts the government but always the ordinary people.' ' - stephan orth

which means we radicalize more people every day with exporting our punitive government around the world, especially in the middle east.
unhinged and yes, m_c, sanctions literally kill people. primarily when medicine is withheld from places like iraq and iran. or when money/food is withheld from places like venezuela and yemen. sanctions are a way of waging political war without having to put troops on the ground. but just like conventional war, innocent lives are lost. as this world comes apart at the seams, americans would do very well to realize that governments and individual citizens very often have little to do with each_other. 180730
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