p2 i saw a roach
in the sink
i turned on the faucet
to drown it
and left it for dead
in the drain strainer
i left feeling guilty

i came back
and it had crawled out!
i removed the drain strainer
flushed the roach down the drain
and replaced the strainer
and thought,
"serves you right
for not dying the first time"
p2 i remember
visiting taiwan
when i was young(er)
i had a box of golden grahams
which roaches got into
my grandmother shrugged
turned on the stove
and put the box by the fire
"the heat will drive away the roaches
and then you can eat your cereal"
sara thats disgusting. i hate roaches. did you actually eat it? 021229
p2 ummm, no

but in taiwan
they have these big-ass flying roaches
(did i tell this story already?)
my sister once ate a cookie
and commented on its unique crunchiness
"they're not supposed to be crunchy!"

damn those kamikaze roaches!
Rhin i experienced the same type of roaches in Guam! they are kamikaze! i use to spend hours upon hours devising plans to keep them from entering my house/hut. ugh! they were so wretched! the only pleasure i derived from their entrance into my life, was batting at them with my tennis racket. 021230
jane i only saw one roach in singapore

clean place, you know
Doodhwala They're sheep. 030402
niska i keep the roaches for later, when i'm all out. 030402
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