fierce_otterpup i take your words in song, on paper, and make them mine
every song
every time

i take that painting and make it mine
my mind changes the blue to green and puts it in a collage next to the other things like that

everything has unspoken meaning that needs to remain unspoken

words are never enough, words are not my art

but they could be part of it

you can't take spoken words and colour them and match them, not the way you can with other things. i would make art out of the murmers over there and the coughing over here if i could colour each noise a different emotion and make them match and compare them and show the world how different peoples coughs make up all of what the world means. show everyone how they're different by pinning noises to walls in houses we could walk through. so we could see our differences. the nuances in the colours between us. see the black man and the white girl share the same, but that the best friends are just slightly different shades of difference.

so another way of identifying ourselves as different, not so we can put up more walls but so we can finally see that the world is billions of worlds. and that the more we focus on painting our own colours the better this beauty in difference can be.

there is no black and white. there is no good and evil. absolutes are never true...
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