Zed I didn't do it.

I spent to much time thinking about it and not enough time doing.

So I didn't do it,

but I wish I had.
fucking shy as hell Takes away all my time.
Destroys my friendships.
Makes me feel conscious about wearing a mini skirt- you know, the flared ones that lots of the girls wear now.
Makes me depressed.
When I overthink, I can destroy anything.
I take away the magic of anything.
Overanalyze and destroy.
I wish I didn't overthink.
I wish I just lived my life, because I feel stagnant. I'm stuck and this is stupid.
I want to play the drums and fall in love with a boy (or a girl?) I don't care.
There is no love life for me right now.
Maybe I don't want a love life.
Ah, overthinking converts everything into bullshit. I wish I weren't so fucking shy.
methinx The key is not to overthink, because overthinking leads to ...something something. 040630
silentbob in_my_own_head 140130
unhinged does have the benefit of eliminating the sharpest sting of surprise because every eventuality has already been imagined 140131
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