who i am doesnt matter anymore Im sitting in class. its not even 2 yet. and i still need to get home to write that damn speech for tomorrow morning. i still need to kiss my boyfriend and hold his hand. i still need to show my friend a good time.
the laundry awaits me at home. the fish bowl needs cleaning. i need to write the brave man i know, whos fighting in iraq. and im about to run out of gas. 24 hours can not be enough. my teacher babbles about camras...alot. i already know all this so i pay no attention...and then he gives me those dirty looks. i wish 250pm would hurry up.
Im sitting in class, its not even 2.
Lemon_Soda always on my mind. lots of things. work after class. people to see. roommate needs a ride. a fallen pops in every half hour or so. a tree. a sir. mental reflexes to seeing people and how their not related to my bodies reactions. the web of truth, half-truth, and lie that I so easily manipulate. emotions that are akin to knobs for me. dedicated people and the silly things their dedicated to. coming to grips with godself, or atleast convincing my reality that I am in charge of it en toto.

darn, yo.

its pretty bad.

wonder why I'm not happy unless I'm doing...that.it.something.
what's it to you?
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