jennifer I remember when a nickel could get you a really cool bracelet or a tiny rubix cube or a hoppy frog or a necklace

now a nickel doesn't even get you gum
The Schleiffen Man I remember gambling in junior high for nickels and quarters. I always won. I knew the odds beter than any of the other stupid kids that would gamble with me. Oh to be a casino lord at age 12. Memories.... 000530
yo i dont like nickels...or dimes either...and denenatly not pennys. whenever i get change i give away all of it except paper money and quarters. i love quarters because they are actually worth something....and easier to count out then all the little pennys and crap. 021221
bethany i let wayne short me a nickel for his italian bread
coz he gets a pizza every week
and he has a good 3 son/1 wife/3 daughter in law

more importantly

he saw me at mass and i want to make sure he still thinks i'd kiss the cloth

or was baptised

he'd only think i was good if i would

i'm gonna break out in a shalom to him one day and see if he pulls out a hiel
what's it to you?
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