me? -> typhoid patch
this hole
you've created for me.

it's four.
i have to be up by nine.
the law of fives works in mysterious ways...
jennifer mend my heart and make it new
so I can give it back to you
and when you take the love my dear
and grin so proud from ear to ear
then I will know my love is real
and in your arms I know I'll feel
that you do love and want be back
but deep inside I know you're black
and you'll tear my heart from in my eyes
and it won't come as deep surprise
and when I look into your face
and when I feel your cold embrace
I'll know it was you who stole my heart
and tore it roughly part from part
and still I'll hand it back to you
to fix it, mend it, and make it new.
andrea that's what you do to fences
when you screw up and say
something that hurts someone's
feelings or pisses them off

copyright 1999
imbue blind pathos 030729
stand by the lakeshore. What will it take to mend my life back together. Will strings of gold and sharp pointed needles be able to sew and mend it? Will plots of revenge be able to redeem it? no, no


Of course not. That can't happen. I need to find the way to redeemption to mend the whole in my heart, my God. I have caused it, and you can mend it. Please mend, please sew, my heart into one with you. Please rule my life and forgive my sins. Please mend this whole, please mend, please sew.
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