Death of a Rose Memory of love, you are painful!
I must sing and burn in your smoke,
But for others-you're just a flame
To warm a cooling soul.

To warm a sated body,
They needed my tears...
For this, Lord, I sang,
For this I received love's communion!

Let me drink some kind of poison
That will make me mute,
And turn my infamous fame
Into radiant oblivion.

Anna Akhmatova (1889 - 1966)


Xeneth Sparda

Weeping is medicine for souls, so terrorized and love has done nothing than invite this medicinle pain, tharefore I do not shun these memories for love has done so to invite this required medicine. 041206
grendel far enough away in time to wonder if it was not just a dream about a mirage 041206
unhinged the nature of a memory is
to fade
a selective conscience
recalling only what wanted to be perceived
her face becomes fuzzy
as more days pass
the undeniable need of hands clasped in sleep, holding on
into the desparation that made it so
as the days pass on
i don't know how else
to find love these days
emmi you never get over someone you love, you just forget to remember 041206
unhinged edit

'i don't know where else to go
to find love'
what's it to you?
who go