Casey I really have to commend the people who created cartoons like Digimon. It's people like them who have yet to loose their immaginations that can create such a show. Living with Max has had quite an influence on my life. Because of him, and my need to be able to communicate with him, I must withhold growing up completely. I watch complete Adults who have lost the love and memories of childhood mistreat him and push him around. I'm even guilty of it too sometimes. But because I keep some of my immaturity, it is worth it, everytime he climbs into my lap, hugs me, and tells me "Tasey, your my favoritest brother!" (I'm his only brother, but that's beside the point).

I must admit that this immaturity reflects on my daily life, like acting stupid in school, life, home, even on blather. But who says that I have to change, to conform? I'm not going to grow up totally if I don't want to. Being stupid sometimes is who I am. Everyone is guilty of it, not just me.

Granted I may be viewed more childish than many people, but who cares. My immagination is what keeps me going, it keeps me alive. And living with Max had kept that a reality.

So hopefully Tasey will be able to live on forever, with out being a TOTAL idiot.
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