Shar From this day forward, I will try to limit myself to ONE blather entry a day. This is a habit that is addicting and consuming too much of my time. While it is fun and interesting, I feel that it is in my best interests to practice self-restraint and to channel my writing energies into my journal or other worthwhile pursuits, like drugs or my budding porn career.

This limitation will help me become a better person.
mareberry what i couldn't tell her:

is there a limit to your love?
sometimes i wonder.
and i worry that iíll do something
to make you stop loving me.
i know iíll love you forever,
because you are you.
i donít require anything more.
but maybe someday youíll expect me
to say something more,
something different.
maybe someday my hair will look wrong,
or iíll wear something you donít like.
and youíll look at me
and tell me you donít love me

and then iíll have to wonder,
was it ever really love in the first place?
flipchrist today i reached my videogame limit, i never again spend hours and hours a day playing online games. im gonna be more productive, but then i found this site and ive been here for hours totally ruining my plan of being productive. stupid blather 030322
sylverquiklight when x approaches zero 040418
kx21 Definition:- The Limit of Truth

The Speed of Light = Zero or 0...

Copyright 2004
guy montag limit_break_ing_news 040418
ethereal I've reached my limit.

I'm getting off this broken train.
sheherazade push me.
what's it to you?
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