Q Why are we both stupid and hypocritical? Why is it that everyone praises intellect but no one is willing to pay for it? 000204
Leann I have no response to this... 000321
hsgatincamail eternal patience is genius
hsgatincamail patience 040409
ugo I found one day, while skipping through a field of posies, that many people don't have this...and I felt sad. 050714
Ouroboros he is the most motivated person i know. he set his path and is climbing toward who he wants to become. i don't envy his perfectionism. i don't envy his self hatred. i don't envy his heady, intellectual world. i want to explore it, yes, but my path is not his, and i can be intellectual and spiritual and physical and silly and sexual and unstructured and kind and self forgiving and full of love. 060508
Ptolemy DCLVIII Capacity to absorb ideas. Logical systems. Processes. 061115
gja We should take care not to make the intellect our god; it has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality.
Albert Einstein
proof great quote, he new about wonder that is how he had wisdom.

This quote proves that he did not have a huge ego, despite his intellect.
arwyn my greatest pride.
I'm smarter than you.
not being arrogant,
it's just true.

I can logic my way
through random
daily puzzles
without effort or
conscious thought.

I know how this sounds.
I can hear it.

but it's true.
and I'm proud of it.
what's it to you?
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