amy another underrated one.
pre-summertime, not ancient history
tells anecdotes about life.. spirited fixing it ups, lessons, moments.
a benevolent goodness, like pain and joy, done well.
he often seems to have almost too much to give, and not enough true receivers, but still seems to know that his words are read and heard.
invents stuff and tells real stories.
got me thinking about childhood.
one more person that i confused, in my confusion, i think. i'm sorry for it.
fyn gula... what kind of name is that?
god rock on, gold-dust fyn gula 010206
birdmad let the chorus sing amen far and wide for this one 010207
Joana. Has the most wonderful titles as well... and always quite inspiring. 010207
farmfish the dog bite felt around the world. he has a story to tell. 010527
unhinged is absolutely beautiful 010527
misstree my heart aches for his absence. 030830
realistic optimist but for his absence would not my heart ache more? my thoughts are whores playing boths sides against my insides until i've no side left to take. ergo, i'll go and take what i find and find what i take to be the most wonderful of gifts as long as it will get me to a cliff from which i need not view the remains of loves past. 030830
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