Sonya Eyes stare out of foggy glass as people stroll by carrying briefcases,
purses, and distorted faces.
The waitress asks, "Would you like a refill?"
He simply nods and gets out his pill.
He chucks it in his mouth and drinks.
It's supposed to control how he thinks.
Eyes stare out of foggy glass as people stroll by quickly, without a care.
They fail to notice his vacant stare.
Today the pill doesn't work, and he sighs.
He starts to remember all the lies,
the many faults of humankind.
They soon permeate his tattered mind.
22 years old and he still has no clue.
"What exactly am I supposed to do?"
He puts on a smile and walks out proud.
Willfully he joins the contrived crowd.
Eyes stare out of foggy glass as a young man strolls by mentally crying.
Every day people sit in diners and watch others internally dying.
ClairE is gross. I like to clean it; you can't by breathing on it. I always try and use my sleeve and it always gets dirty.


I like to clean.
ClairE The view of just_morning on a gray Eastern day is encased in fog and frost clinging to the window today, dark green unruly hedges and dead orange leaves, dull brick and white sky. The streetlamp is doing his job. 031028
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