somebody those you haven't learned to love enough yet, give it time and don't kill them, you should come around eventually 000911
black heart yes, keep them close. keep them very close. and when they come around... THEN kill them. they will never see it comming. besides, then you get thier life insurance policy 040313
amy nada making them is easy to do, when you're dealing with the righteous and/or ever hopeful. heck, i make an enemy out of myself all the time. nice practice! i'd never make it in a helping profession and this is why. maybe if i had been born in Europe, it could work. alas, i've been born in the good old United States, which doesn't seem to be either good or old, in my mind.

i've decided it's not about getting good feedback, but just being happy and covering one's own bases, in life. mostly because i've learned i don't get good feedback -- mostly my fault -- so why even bother to put all or even any eggs there? i'll figure out something that works for me, and if others can't care, then it's not my loss, because i wasn't very negligent. i'll probably die of loneliness, though.
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