dallas slimy, leathery, swimming around trying to survive 980906
ceorl ranks low on the list of reincarnation choices 990422
allen marlin what does ,,"en all eel" mean? 000322
MollyGoLightly i like the way moray eels hang out with their ugly mouths hanging wide open. 000322
MollyGoLightly I have a class with a girl who carries one of those L.L Bean backpacks with her initials on it. Her initials are E.E.L.
Gives me a good giggle every time I see it.
Brad I bought one of those backpacks when i was a freshman in high school. I told myself I bought it because it would be durable and a good backpack, and not because it was the hip trendy thing to do. I lied to myself. Looking back i in fact bought it just to be cool. The funny thing is, that i'm now in my second year of college and i still use that same backpack everyday... and i don't really care whether or not it's cool anymore. Still in as good of shape as when it was brand new. So maybe I wasn't really lying to myself, but instead predicting the future. The joke's on whom? 000402
grasshopper is tasty. 000502
anne-girl energy source of the future 040825
fugu it leaves a very oily and sly taste in the mouth to say.
Squirmy and brooding at the same time like a lurking used car salesman in the eaves.
Slick and unsubstantial.

..and they eat up all the little fish their big fat greedy mouths can fit.
oren A snake-like fish found lurking in American crossword puzzles. 060506
what's it to you?
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