Q I imagine that painting the canoe blue would make the canoe awfully irritating, unless the paint was something like face paint. I suspect the blue canoe, perhaps even if it was white, was dyed. Then, again, I've had no intimate experience of any kind as far as I know with a blue canoe of any kind. 000209
Fearful Gray strands well covered; age and wisdom safely hidden away. Who are you when you're not young and beautiful? 000715
bzzmel my grandma 011207
scuzz Inky Binky Bonky

Daddy had a Donkey

Donkey died, Daddy cried

Inky Binky Bonky
ItGirl Her hands are prettie colors
orange blue and red.
They're dyed to match the odd
egg shape of her head.
Her ears aren't exactly pointy,
but you can't say she doesn't try.
The magic in her soul, I say,
you know it ain't a lie.
She's got a smile like the sun
and hair she dyed to match.
Her eyes are steely blue,
watch the yellow in them flash.
That irridesent soul flame,
the mischief in her face.
She's certainly not perfect, but
she's got a certain saving grace.
what's it to you?
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