blown cherry I am not on the path to realising you are a dickhead in order to throw off the shackles of this foolish love for you.
I'm not even intending to give that path a look as I fly past it.
Because this is not about me,
it's not about any 'relationship'
we may or may not have or will ever not have,
nor is it about how you treat me,
as a friend, or anything else for that matter.
It's about me loving you.
Who you are and everything you are, whether it's what you chose to be like or not.
Everything you do, and how you see the world from way up there.

So no, I'm not even planning on falling out of love with you.
I'm going to stay right here thankyou!
Until such time as you and I grow in completely different directions,
I expect I will remain completely and utterly, and over-devotedly in love with you.
The dickhead bit and all.
Deh84 my dad has a theroy, that all men are dickheads. but, he says there are two types, above average and below average. so, all women or men have to do is find an above average dickhead, and settle for that. because there is nothing better. 031127
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