luap how can virtual communities be stronger than real communities?
has the real community lost its meaning?
angela my community takes but does not give in return. i believe that is called being SELFISH. 990208
ceorl in spite of it all, we are drawn together. 990422
daxle they post the signs so you know what community "you are entering" because otherwise no one would know
pacific beach and university city think they're la jolla, ocean beach thinks it's point loma (and all of this is give an impression of being more wealthy), and here in clairemont we are not defined by anything, not even wishing we could rearrange the signs
we didn't come here to unite in our common beliefs
we came to fuck shit up, to kill the trees and watch tv
emily It seems to me that communities lie within TV. 990611
ocean_girl I don't believe in community. No one really wants to live in harmony with others unless they're livin a lie. Everyone is out for themselves, especially me. 991216
valis of course, if we weren't meant to have it, then we all would have been born the same person.

of course,
maybe we are.
-Ch33zY- is the original community. 030219
amy-worth-the-playhouse my internal group of "Tibetans" is doing just fine. although i guess they could meditate a little more. their external workings could use a little help. 081102
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