karltheweed Blatherskite musicians!

My voice has been conspicuously quiet these days but maybe y'all can help me make some noise!

I'm still bummed the blather_mix_tape never made it's way around...
But I'd very much like to start something in the same vein

So anyone who plays an instrument or sings, send me a recording of you and lets write a song together!
You may email it to me (i will post my email addy if someone requests it here), but it might be easier to upload it to megaupload or one of the many free file transfer sites

I will add drums (live drums or synth drums) or harmony vocals or crummy rhythm guitar or bass or anything I can manage to any music anyone uploads, and then I'll upload the new version and link it here for other people to add to! Or if no one else wants to contribute I'd be down to jam back and forth... I don't know if there's anyone here interested in trying something like this, but hey, its worth a try!
Lurkers come out and play with me!!
snook I would like to contribute, I play cello very crapily. 100905
karl the weed excellent!

not now but

as soon as i have a moment

i will start the ball rolling

and i will post back here with some links and some musics

and we can rock out!
epitome of incomprehensibility Whoa. I made underscores to this phrase on a lark (not the songbird kind) on the "oren" page; no idea this page already existed. 140201
oren blather_surprise 140201
what's it to you?
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