Doar or seems to be the case with me. I'd elaborate more but I don't wish to be mistaken for more blather_graffitti (sp?). 070720
Lemon_Soda I'm sure you were a character long before blather.

good to read you.
fiano heehheee, spray paint! how come that post looks like a mans ding ding? was it a mistake?

I designed a big ding ding door and lots of egg windows to go with it, the other windows were orbs, 2 atoms connected. the base of the building a curvey women, i didn't finish it because that man didn't want my personal touch, he just wanted to make money out of it, he basically didn't trust me or want me to be good at manual artwork, he thinks it is a lower form of expressing yourself but then again he never saw any of my art work. I wish he would smash the window designs i didn't do, the crap ones from the book, he wasn't patient enough for me to finish the engravings, he wouldn't even know which ones i did and didn't do.You might as well smash them all. This made me so angry, you don't pay me, you ruin my designs and then you let some BUSY-BODY women try and take over my job at the end AND YOU WONDER WHY I AM MOOODY! you are just a money grabber, do you understand now? you are a hypocrite if you think people with some skill are below you, you are a business man, what could be worse than that?
. Characters build blather. 070722
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