eagle I can't believe that there are actually beavers somewhere else, not here, and they're doing stuff even though we're not there! They may be building dams! Wow. Beavers do stuff. 981002
eagle The Caltech school mascot. We are the California Institute of Technology Beavers. A favorite cheer: "Beaver fever - snatch it up!" 981002
drew ah, so lenny bruce was one of caltech's founding fathers... 981002
vix Blue face, no she could breathe alright but her dye had run. On one too many hits of LSD getting down on a bowling alley disco floor with a beaver on her head. The vine carpet, the freak show sorceress, Why did the video games seem so real, the popcorn pins. 000819
birdmad so, out of curiousity, i wonder...

do satanic beavers DAMN rivers????

mental picture of an aquatic rodent summoning demons to inhibit the flow of water
Freak Theres only one thing that smells like beaver..........and thats fish! 020522
good people i went to penrose elementary school.

our mascot was the beaver.

in middle school, it was the penrose middle school beavers. yes, it was the PMS beavers.

nobody ever got tired of that joke.
bethany beaver eatin assbag
beaver sandwich
beaverskin pillow
beaver buddy
plug up the damn
slap a beaver's ass

aw honey the beaver just belched

...ah Rhode Island and it's men's love for their beavers...such an endearing term isn't it
kilgore trout WIDE OPEN BEAVERS THIS WAY --- 031130
2Cool4Skool beavers are cool 040311
beaver i am cool 040311
Persona I'm the only girl with two

One of them's holding a Canadian flag and wearing a touque. He's sitting right beside my other one
oren The first toilet ever seen on television was onLeave It To Beaver”. 060522
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