god woke up, it was a chelsea morning 011122
florescent light I love pogs
I had a collection
still might have it somewhere
I used to give them away to my friends, nice ones that said love/peace/friendship or whathaveyou.
it would have been cheesy except I was too old to collect them.
so it was cool
(as is everything I do).
god the seasons, go round and round
and the painted ponies go up and down
Photophobe Millhouse gets so easily carried away. He's possibly my favourate character.

When mr burns beats santa's little helper -

Bart: Look what he did to my best friend!

Everyone gasps.

shot of millhouse intently eating his chips and slowly looking up to see everyone staring at him, horrified.

Bart: No, my dog!
gos i've looked at life from both sides now 020618
screwing for virginity alf is back... in pog form 030206
MDogMA he then must exist through the consumption of the ever present cardboard feline. 030206
magdalena omg... I used to have a collection of those things too... lol
damn that was a long time ago... *eyes get wide* lol
Wasn't there a game you could play with them? I seem to remember there being one.
god it's comin' on christmas, they're choppin' down trees... 030620
Gordon Shumway HA! 060313
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