me? the x-word.
now you know.

play on an ice xylophone. it will change sound as it melts. entropy in music.
amy Word History: Xylophone is a word one expects to encounter in the X section of any children's alphabet book. It is there because it is one of the few words beginning with x that a child or most anyone else would know. Recognition of xerophagy, “the eating of dry food, especially as a form of fasting practiced in the early Christian Church and chiefly in the Eastern churches todayor xylotomy, “the preparation of sections of wood for microscopic study” is not to be expected. Most of the English words beginning with x, including these obscurities, are of Greek origin, the x, pronounced (z), representing the Greek letter xi. In the case of xylophone, xylo- is a form meaning “wood,” derived from Greek xulon, “woodand -phone represents Greek phn, “voice, soundthe same element found in words such as telephone, microphone, and megaphone. Our famous x word is first recorded in the April 7, 1866, edition of the Athenaeum: “A prodigy . . . who does wonderful things with little drumsticks on a machine of wooden keys, called the ‘xylophone.’” 000423
girl boys 010723
kim the cartoon in the children's ABC books, because it is hard to illustrate anything else that starts with an x 020114
no reason nexus 030313
wingedSerpent made ot from wood but the bones of birds

wonder how that would sound?
.&. it sad outside and rotted 050111
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Tropylium /zailoufoun/ is an entirely too funky a name for some bars of metal attached to a frame.

At least they could have the decency to use it in jazz a little more offen.
no reason no they shouldn't. they use its much sexier lookalike the vibraphone instead, and for good reason. 060902
what's it to you?
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