molly is gone we would sleep in a tangled ball
initmate like baby deer
eyes deep like pools of love

we'd dream together
of lonesome roads
sunsets flickering orange to warm our faces
as we lifted them to the horizon

we awoke together
a soft sugary kiss for breakfast
pink cheeks still smiling,
drunken with sleep
like babies new to the wind,
new to the rising sun
squinting with happiness

we'd share our nightly journeys
only to remember we had been there together
holding hands as we floated through clouds dyed pink by the descending sun,
splashed by the glorious ocean's sparkle
waltzing on the solar winds
taimer never near anything, never in a hurry, never even getting there, but going never the less, bless, so she walks and shows, never quite comes, she quits and then she go's 040812
nomme) travellers 050623
andru235 seldom try to coerce others into wandering...

so why does it seem like the settled detest wanderers?

[maybe it doesn't seem like that to you]
TROUBLESUM andru, nice angle 051116
z nomads 051117
z berbers, kurds, mongols, austrailian aborigines, plains amerinds, !kung, huns, gypsys etc. 051117
somebody The duck and the horse had travelled for many miles under a sky fluffed by wayward clouds. The horse was merry but the duck was in no mood for jokes; yesterday this dynamic had been reversed.

Unbeknownst to them both, soon they would both be happy, together, and beside a sleepy river. The fences had been destroyed eons ago, and the waters had been purged of their toxins. It was a cause for endless celebrations.
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