Choczles The way her breath smells in the morning 020207
Toxic_Kisses "If you use alturnatives to toxics, you reduce the risk to your fam and the anvironment. here are a few examples, just to whet your appetite. for more sources check the sources below.

Toxic: Permanent-press clothes and no-iron bed linens. according to The Nontoxic Home, these are treated are treated with formaldehyde resin, "applied in such a way it becomes a permanent part of the fiber" The result: toxic fumes.
Altunitives: Use natural fibers when ever possible

Toxic: oven cleaners. contains lye
Altunitive: Sprinkle water, followed by layers of banking soda. Rub gently with very fine steel wool pads for tough spots.

Toxic: Air Fresheners. They don't actually "freshen"air-rather, they deaden your nasal passagers or coatthem w/ oil . They mey even contain chemicals like xylene, ethanol, naphtalene, etc.
Alternative: Herbal mixtures or vinegar and lemon juice."

50 Simple Things You Can Do To Save The Earth - The Earth Works Group
Choczles GF the way he looks in the morning 020209
T47 Major his farts after eating greasy food 020209
~gez~ clogs up my lungs and makes it hard to breathe. the toxicity of our city is killing me slowly 020929
ME! the toxic city is beautiful. I want it more than anything. to be there and dance. to breathe the smoggy air. this fresh shit is killing me. i'm allergic to the lack of earthquakes and carcinogens. and sunshine. and waves. but mostly the smog. i miss the smog. 030417
elisabeth42 I miss the smog too.

I'd smoke far fewer cigarettes if there were more carcinogens in this air.
apocalynx i got the poison in me, but it's

direct connect from air to blood

or perhaps fresh and clean. like the earth after nuclear war
[:T_o_x_i_c___C_y_b_o_r_g:] --- 070610
[:T_o_x_i_c___C_y_b_o_r_g:] washing your hair with that shampoo you bought from walmart 070610
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