guitar_freak The thorns of life prick my body
My soul seems through them
Killing me slowely
Yet, I wish it were quicker
So I wouldn't have to suffer the pain
heresy you were as delicate as a rose
and i cherished you
but your covered with thorns

when u said you missed me
i could feel them
dangerously close to my skin

when u said u loved me
i could feel them
peirce through me

and i bled for you
and u didnt seem to notice
you didnt seem to care

your no longer my delicate rose
im no longer ur admirer
u took me for granted

u left me cold and alone
and im glad u did
now i see you for what u are
birdmad burned the last dry remnants of the vicious bougainvilleia that grew by my window

all pretty petals and cruel thorns

like love
craz4u very pretty 030420
bluten like death 031105
nom caught my hair braided my skin to the briar i pulled away like a spirit born from the body 031105
magicforest Il y a des millions d'années que les fleures fabriquent des épines. Il y a des millions d'années que les moutons mangent quand même les fleurs. Et ce n'est pas sérieux de chercher à comprendre pourquoi elles se donnent tant de mal pour se fabriquer des épines qui ne servent jamais à rien? Ce n'est pas important la guerre des moutons et des fleurs? Ce n'est pas sérieux et plus important que les additions d'un gros Monsieur rouge? Et si je connais, moi, une fleur unique au monde, qui n'existe nulle part, sauf dans ma planète, et qu'un petit mouton peut anéantir d'un seul coup, comme ça, un matin, sans se rendre compte de ce qu'il fait, ce n'est pas important ça? 031106
Whitechocolatewalrus Thorns remind me of spikes and spikes remind me of holes with spikes at the bottom into which you fall and die and falling reminds me of jumping and jumping reminds me of trampolenes and trampolenes remind me of sleeping and sleeping reminds me of stars and stars remind me of the moon and the moon reminds me of the face in the moon and this face reminds me of you who I once thought was like the moon, beautiful and lovely and unattainable. So this is how I relate you to being a thorn. 031106
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