silentbob You had glasses with thick frames and lived in Pilsen. I ate a sandwich, you drank a coffee. I don't remember all of our conversation but I remember you telling me about living near my apartment above Pollos Locos and having a cockroach infestation. How your dad was a firefighter who lives in the burbs. How you grew up on Irving Park.
The second time I met you we drove around the southwest side, past the roa mural, the one with the chewed up rat with his middle missing. We ate chili and mac and cheese at Schuba's and I asked if I could kiss you and you said you were glad I asked because you would not have been ready. Because you told me about your ex and how he was sleeping around. How when he was in the hospital you took care of his phone, and got a flurry of texts from a concerned lover. A co-worker. 5_years
You gchatted me and told me you didn't want a thing, you found someone else and you really really really wanted to legitimately be friends with me. I had made zero emotional investment and told you being_friends was fine with me.
We hang out sporadically and eat bbq or pizza. I saw you last week and we ate tacos on the coldest day of the year and rode the milwaukee bus north to our respective homes.
You asked me about Julia, about Jessi, about Abi. And I told you everything.
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