kx21 Trillions times smaller than a proton.

All particles / antiparticles and forces are manifestations of different symphonies of super tiny strings...

The symphony of super tiny string is created from Magic and Mystery interactions between the_power_of_creativity and the_gene_of_nothing.

copyright 2001.
Tank i have this book at home called 'the elegant universe' which is all about this matter. i started reading it, but got disctracted by erica jong's 'witches', eve enslers 'the vagina monologues', inga muscio's 'cunt' and virginia woolf's 'a room of one's own.' as you can see, i'm on a woman thing right about now... 010131
birdmad it's all creation 010131
unhinged infeld reds

as opposed to

infeld blues

gold-plated e strings rock. definitely worth the money cause i sound tight.
god thomastik 010131
kx21 What are the common attributes of all Creation tasks / misssions?

Are these attributes applicable to Destruction tasks / misssions as well, in particular the super tiny string?
god the entire universe is comprised of one big note.
unhinged you rock god

so does thomastik

i wonder if the stinking things are ever going to come from back order. i need to change my stinking strings already. they are false and yucky.
god like van morrison sez,
keep on smilin'
kx21 Evolution of Superstrings...

A new generation of Superstrings, Dr. Fiorella Terenzi:-

When you mix Carl Sagan, Cicciolina, Madonna, Stephen Hawking AND ANGELYNE;

Astrophysicist, author, and musician Dr. Fiorella Terenzi received her doctorate in physics from the University of Milan, has studied opera and composition at Conservatory G. Verdi, Corsi Popolari and taught mathematics and physics at Liceo Scientifico, Milan;

Director of New Media and Astrophysicist at the Space Transit Planetarium at the Miami Museum of Science;

Major contributions to the Universe:-

Music from Galaxies
(CD from Island Records)

Invisible Universe
(CD-ROM from Voyager)

Heavenly Knowledge
(HarperCollins/Avon Books)
kx21 A new generation of STRING / Superstrings, Dr. Fiorella Terenzi... 010203
pipedream *booooiiinnnggg*
imagine a very elasticky, nylon guitar string.
what's it to you?
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