The Truth Is a state of mind.

Yet I am the worst procrastinator.
I know exactly what my plan is.
Yet I sit here and blather.

And this is why I must leave you all.
But first a_farewell_message.
nanny feeling successful would mean that i would actually have to do something, i would need to find something that i know i can accomplish with little or no effort to be able to do this. 011114
minnesota_chris What makes you successful? What are the things that make you think "this person is really together"?

My incomplete list:
A good job, or at least to be rich
Keeping things clean and organized
Good looking clothing, which fits well
Going to lots of fun parties, with friends
Reading good things
Practicing music (or art of preference)
Giving of yourself

any other ideas?
A Happy Family.
A Faithful, Stable Marriage.
True Friendships.
A Clean Conscience.
Financial Independance.
Rightly Ordered Priorities.
A Close Relationship With God

A Thankful Disposition.
what's it to you?
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