yummychuckle aaaachooo! i hate it when people hold in their sneezes. i dont know how they can do it!

ahhhhhhh that felt good.

i swear at least 90% of my town is sick with a cold. its awful--the only store qwe have is almost out of kleenex! its like an epidemic.

we're all gonna die!!
imbo i love to sneeze! achooooooo 020411
little fury bug
I just cried for half an hour straight...and for some weird reason every time I cry, I sneeze...{pitiful, sad}achooo! the feeling after is just great...kinda relieving with the added bonus of that fuzzy feeling that lingers on your face for a few seconds. just beautiful, kids.
site specific mutagenesis every time i snort squillo 020618
blown cherry *cough* I know your sneezing pattern well enough to know when to say "bless you".
This makes me happy :)

*1st half sneeze*
and CUE!
falling_alone ...its nonstop all year round...

OnCloudNn: i'm sneezing again
breakourmirrors: what else is new
OnCloudNn: hahaha
OnCloudNn: its been nonstop
OnCloudNn: i was woken up last night many times bc my nose was so stuffy
OnCloudNn: pah

i envy those who dont have allergies
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