flowerock. My little sister called me sissy in a comment on facebook. She hasn't called me sissy in years, or really even said much of anything in so long.
I always regretted not being closer, we used to talk sometimes when she was a teenager on the phone.
I only got to see her on summer and winter breaks when I visited my dad and them... then I stopped going because I was an adult and that meant school and work and no more plane tickets from grandma (she was just so sorry I won't be going to heaven, but that's another story).
After our dad left her mom she got distant and a little cold towards me, because I still talked to him I guess and her mom's family was taking their anger out on me verbally too, on facebook anyway.
So this one neutral comment is kind of exciting... she called me sissy like she used to : ) but then told me (wtf that's tmi for the general population) so it could go either way... but I'll take it!

flowerock. ^.^ I said I love you to her and she said "I love you too" !
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