kill rhythm woke up this morning, thought, gotta change my life. i'm like a ship in the sand just waiting for the tide, i got a lot of reasons im glad to be alive, but always waking up alone just makes me wanna die.


i may be lonely, but i'm not stupid. i try to live with my mistakes. so i stay away to ease all pain, but i've never been very good at playin that game. no i've never been very good at anything.

forget the past, it's just an ugly backtrap that stains everything we try to believe in. and accept the things that failed love brings, and don't project it on to anyone else

and don't project it on to anyone else...
phil always leave without your heart
don't take it with you
into the dark
mon granular image
faded buzzy bee television

ships in sand unaware they are even ships
let alone that the water is in fact sand
or that the sand_is_time set escaping
our lives measured by specks of space
space measured by our lives
what's it to you?
who go