Q Hating anyone for writing something or hating oneself for reading what another has written suggests a serious selfloathing problem. 000102
Fanshawe that's my point
after taking psych 101, everyone
thinks they're a psychologist
after taking poetry 101,
everyone thinks they're a writer.
jennifer I never described myself as a writer
all I do is unload my thoughts and my complaints onto this passive and uncaring machine

and it helps
Joana. I hate the way I feel... the way I think... the way I act towards others' attitudes... the way I never smile... the way I always frown... the way my voice sounds... the things that I do... my face because it doesn't fit me...
I detest myself today... but it'll pass soon...
I hope.
silentbob i always try to help the selfloathers. tell them they can be loved. there is a reason to wake up in the morning. but then i have one of those days where i do a little soul searching...and wonder if i'm telling them the truth or just lying to myself..and i wonder if some part of me loathes myself also. 000607
silentbob self_loathing

just a link.
xxxtra Krispy because on a day like today
i stop and i ponder
i sit and i wonder

and i know that it must be true
that it sucks a whole lot more to be me

than it ever could to be you
arch no patience for those not committed to their actions 001202
what's it to you?
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