Mandy I work at Family Pharmacy. I'm at work right now.

belly fire it's like drowning
where's my life preserver?
help me, my legs are twisted in the weeds
where's the lifeguard?
treading water is getting me nowhere
what's the use in getting stronger when there's no escape?
my skills are useless...only weighing me down
PIebald eat to work. sleep to work. work. work. work. work. 040810
uow krow 040810
gja is telling you It 2.30am in the morning.

Pri is still working.

Ive told her she can go home - she doesnt have to be here - nothing is that important.
She says she is on a roll.
I dont want to stop her.

She thinks Im working. I dont want it to feel like she is impressing me.
Please go - I dont want to discourage you.

Help me please - I am the worlds worst boss.
. teams are better but only with no boss,
just logical tuned in robots,
united by concentartion orgasm.

(a bit like Cocoon but in working groups)
ever dumbening 080204
belly fire I dread the day I will leave this place.
Surely it has been my haven over the last two years.
I have discovered myself here,
excavated a part of myself that I didn't know I harboured deep within.
I pray not to lose myself as I take my leave to discover yet another part of myself.
Though I have not left, I long for my return.
epitome of incomprehensibility In pop songs, "work" can be a lot of things. Sex. Dancing. Sexy dancing.

In Britney Spears' "Work, Bitch", despite the s'posed-to-be sexy dancing, "work" follows more typical idiomatic English: work is earning money, or exercise (working out). Or a bit of both. The beat sounds like it's the kind of song you'd listen to when going to the gym.

Of course, the song itself is terrible, the style doesn't work well for Spears, and I have no idea why she's affecting a Caribbean accent.

I know why I ended up here, though. Looking up Lady Gaga's "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" brought me down a rabbit hole of catchy but annoying pop songs.

It must be the choir concert I did earlier this evening. Too much Mozart drives me to Top 40 nostalgia. Nopemobile to Vesperae Solennis, yes'm to tired technopop.

All work and no play makes "You want a hot body? Want to drive a Maserati? You better work, bitch" into the ineluctable modality of the audible, and that is just sad.

Besides, I've hit a blank with character names. I need a Spanish last name that fits with a character and it has to be pregnant with allusion. It needs to give birth to pretty allusion babies, perhaps about music, and I thought of giving her the last name "Nono" after Luigi Nono but that'd just sound silly. And I thought of Marquez or Anzaldua but that's just lazy.
e_o_i Of course Luigi Nono was Italian and not Spanish. 170506
e_o_i Yeah, so now I'm listening to the first part of Luigi Nono's Prometeo (Prometheus Suite). Work, bitch? 170506
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