sabbie two down, one to go.

so, is it there yet?
frAnk each day the procession of barking dogs and cats with tails raised high, like banners of hope, descend the bianca strada wondering. we open the mailbox slowly, our anticipation, a melody of optimistic humming and whispery song.

"this could be the day."

and it seems, with information gathered from a fish out of water, that a very special gift is almost finished and on its way across the world to your postbox.
Mahayana robin hill
holy hood

[x] is the key
frAnk yuletide dinner tonight.
my brother, dennis's mom, vichy and ische, madeline and rachel. ben is on his way from vancouver by 63o.

and of course, fyn, dennis, hilary, greta, ingrid, beth, kon-rad the magnificent, and the feline circus.

hilary is singing. ingrid is playing the dossendorfer.

the menu:

expeller-pressed virgin olive oil
balsamic vinegar

pinot noir
pinot grigio
cranberry honeywine

ice cream and shortbread with chambord sauce

bailey's and caffe
ever dumbening i vow
one day
to storm this hill, this camelot of hearts and minds

to breathe the warm wind
of well-chosen words

and taste light as it leaps
from earth
frAnk the red carpet is rolled. 021223
margaux who/what/where is robin hill? 030511
unhinged whatever happened to david_and_leigh

or leigh_and_david ???
the boys of what.

hidden we are. all of us, nobody knows shit and if they do, will they tell us?

come on. come here. there. there.

what do we want?
frAnk if i extend the red carpet, who is willing to come? 030715
girl_jane Whatever happened to the boys of robin hill? 030920
jane i'll come if i am allowed 030920
Anna_Began You need to check out blather red. The explanation is all there.
somebody if_fyngula_and_farmfish 030921
what's it to you?
who go