national hero if anyone has a good rant brewing, dispell it here. 060322
marked invitation provisionally accepted
national hero cool. Rant, already! I got nothin. 060424
Crazed in New York I am sick of you. I feel anger brewing round and round in mememe and it making me sicksicksick. it's hot inside me and I want to kill you for what you are unknowingly doing to me... you don't know. life goes on. for everyone, even me, but sometimes it seems like it stops and your face appears and poof I am "crushed", per say (because I do have a crush on you[who?]) and who knew you could take one so seriously because every teenager has one and I said to myself when I was young, I said, "I ain't neva gonna take a stupid crush too seriously cause who needs em and what can they do to me, I am INVINSABLE to this stupid fucking teenager stuff."

what indeed.
national hero Crazed in New York, does your name start with St ? 060525
national hero and last name start with P ? 060525
crazed in NY erm no 060525
national hero mkay just a guess. keep on blathing. 060525
crazed in NY you know someone here? 060525
conan you know wot really grinds my gears?
chavs... they annoy me so much, and i really wanna actually kill them, i am by nature a non violent person, but i actually want to kill them
start on me, will they?!?! *slaps*
... ok, im sounding psychopathic now, so, im gonna shut up :P
national hero nope. Just a guess. 060610
what's it to you?
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