The Truth Our american societal downward acceleration is becoming so predictable.

Next big "HOT" turn on?


Through mathematics, even destiny is predictable.
trace You were right! 011229
oren Two words: Hari Seldon 011229
reitoei to bad psycohistory doesnt exist. in the meanwhile we have thermodynamics:
knock a cup off a table and it breaks. unless it doesnt
ClairE Sophie: we got "straghtining lotion too

ClairE: For what, though? Does it tame flyaways?

S: wha?
S: what are they

C: When your hair gets staticky and keeps flying away.

S: yeah it says tames flyaways

C: hehe it does? It even says "tames"?

S: yup
not god pineapple buns and clamato again? 021031
Bizzar So I sit here and write all my thoughts down on paper, instead of telling you... like I always do. Day fades to evening outside my window. And I want to jump up and scream and dance in your presence, but what would that accomplish? Youd still look the other way. Wait, wait... I know how this one ends. The same way the last one did.

I want to get lost in your eyes, but you always look away. And everytime I feel myself being devoured by your embrace, you leave. Why wont you just stay? And keep looking into my eyes. What is it that you see that scares you so?
ever dumbening right on. two more fans of the foundation. 030322
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