typhoid who's to say whats correct?
or whats comfy?
camille nun's in grade school were adapt at making everyone sit straight ....

long term effect = I can't slouch!!!

i can't slouch in a chair like everyone else??? Straightening of the spine?

I want to just slink into a comfortable chair and can' back won't let me... the nun is always there...
camille tapping my back...tap tap tap 000309
Tank something i know i should probably have a good one of but i am just far too lazy and no matter how good my intentions are, i always end up bendy and not straight! 000720
grendel i'm on my time with everyone

i have very bad posture
grendel sit and drink pennyroyal tea 000720
klarchen "Are you in ballet?"

"You must be a ballerina."

"She must be a dancer."

"She has to be."

"Shhh, she'll hear you."

"Just ask her."

Well well, the funny thing is,
I'm not.

Makes me think that I could have been a dancer.

After all everyone who doesn't know me thinks I am one
at first glance.

The Schleiffen Man "Do you play basketball?"
"Why not?"
"Can you change the light bulb again?"
"Reach up there and get me that thing on the top shelf"
"Your knees are poking me through the seat, can you move them?"

klarchen *awwwww* 000720
fiona apple what is this posture i have to stare at?

that's what he said when i was sittin up straight...
what's it to you?
who go