nukem question: since a sub atomic partical has no defined width or length, how fast can you spin it? what are is the difference between diferent types of particals= the forces wich they emit. if a black hole is surounded by a event horizion then it could be defined as a point in space. we know for certain that blackholes do indeed spin, and the effect is that it curves space/time in a spiral around it. if a singalarity stoped spining, the spiral would disapear. grr how do i explain the rest of this...... ok. the faster a singalarity spins, the more curved space/time becomes in this spiral. therefore more "space" exist within a given proximity to a black hole spining faster than another. effect? gravitation would be more felt near the hole spining faster than the one spining slower, adn vise versa, less gravity would be felt a distance away from the hole spining faster than the hole spining slower given the fact that the distances traveled between the two singalarities would not be the same, and graphing the forces would reveal that they drop off at different rates. so what if you stoped a sub atomic partical? theory: there is only one force in nature. however it is percieved differently because the particals wich produce them spin at different speeds. perhaps gravity, is a force felt by a partical that is not spining or spining very very slowly, and the nueclear forces are created by particals spining insanly fast. so, if you stoped a sub atomic partical's spin, you would unraval the spiral wich it has created and create more "space" a high presure zone in space and time wich would travel outward in the form of a wave. just a though, feel free to bash me if you want i welcome the critisim, and would enjoy any other posible soulutions wich you may have. 030811
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