nah....! never_again 011113
lovers lament we collided like two stars
dying for each other's fire
desperately trying to get inside
just to feel the core of something so bright
i'm still burning alive today
still feel your fingertips on my skin
it's like being wrapped in celestial light
just waiting for tonight to come so we can drive
one more time

no sleep the night through
bothered by what i want to do to you
leave your cage for my universe
pour out my fantasies for your thirsty tongue
my body a highway paved with planets
waiting for you to traverse
night comes first
and then we can go
one more time

so let's take another drive
destination: anywhere but here
let your mind wander into me unchained
you're not bound with me, but i'm barely contained
i'll be yours again tonight
to melt into the heat of your lips
i've never felt so unhinged, but not ashamed
i want to scream your name tonight
and then we can go
one more time
kylia yes, one_more_time
one more time around might do it
thieums One more time
I wish I could
Start all over again
what's it to you?
who go