~gez~ tha word just doesnt make sense. think about it, if the moon reflects light from the sun to keep itself alight, and the sun is a constant interger variable anybody else know any big words? help 020821
daxle a constant variable? hmm... 020821
~gez~ i apoligise. if anyone else notices a way to point me out as stupid please inform me 020821
Strideo moonbeamsmoonbeamsmoonbeamsmoonbeamsmoonbeamsmoonbeams

precious moonbeams are reflections born of the sun,
curtains of silver luminosity to see for everyone.

go out in the cool night and let them drop upon your head,
while the old folks are dreaming in their cozy bed.

be sure to catch some moonlight in your mystic net,
such luminous energies are very hard to get.

put their elusive glowing essence in a magic jar
and carry this radiant treasure to a place afar.

Lunira the ancient city of eternal night,
it's starlit sky cursed to never see the moon's pale light.

yet lunar illumination does pierce the gloom,
you'll find an enchanted moonbeam lantern in every room.

Lunira's grey stone walls are cast in shades of blue,
the moonbeam lanterns' silver gleam warps them to this hue.

celestial radiance glows from citadel to twisting alley,
prized comet luminescence shines from towers to dim urban valley.

the archways of this city shall never know the the sun's warm kiss,
still it's gloaming silvery light is a sight of bliss.
jane if you'd like to swing on a star
carry moonbeams home in a jar
you'd be better off where you are
or would you rather be a fish
what's it to you?
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