gull i miss you
even though we've only
been apart for
a few hours.

i can't wait to
see you again and
talk, laugh,
even argue. if we must.

as long as i'm
with you, dear,
it doesn't matter
what we do.

i'm listening to
a song you love,
waiting to meet you,
but you're not here.

i hope you arrive.
i need to pour
some crazy stuff
into your soul.

i'm feeling soppy,
so this is the
time to say that
i love you.

maybe i won't be
able to say
those three
little words later,

but know that i
do love you.
i really do.
i love you.
MollyCule every goddamn day. this ache might never fade. 020312
distorted tendencies Ugh.. It aches. 020313
girl_jane just_you 030314
megan gull... you just spoke my entire being into words.
unhinged if tonight before i closed my eyes to sleep, i could wipe everything from my mind, there would still be this dull aching in my heart where the memory of you used to be. 030314
hsg aye 070330
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