Respectful Richard A movement advocating for the rights of property. For instance, a materialist is one whom refuses to walk all over the floor. Many materialists prize the rights of property higher than the rights of other people - but they keep this secret from everyone, especially themselves. Let's respect them by saying nothing more about the matter. 070726
hsg "step_away_from_the_ground."

-a funny person
fuffle yes but you know what its like, it's shit, i'm in prison. 070727
anythingbutcryptic after all that materialism i felt angry so i took off all my clothes and lay on my bed pretending that i was going to die in five minutes so i didnt have to worry about what to wear because even though you might not want to worry you do fucking anyway and it fucking pisses you off i totally understand babe because i go thru teh same thing you dont want to look too mainstream you dont want to look like youre trying to hard you want to look like you want to look but then you cant afford it and some days something looks good and another day you feel like a freak and some days you wished you lived in a nudist colony cos sometimes you only feel beautiful naked and sometimes you just. wanna. die. for. five. minutes. 080126
. right on, abutc 080126
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