Kate I sat between my brother and a 3rd grade boy from my church on the way home from Cedar Point. It was dark, and the little kid, whose name was David, fell asleep against my shoulder, because the back seat of a van is never large enough. His hair was tremendously fuzzy and although I hate being touched by people who I don't know, his hair against my shoulder was so wonderfully Salinger that I didn't gently push him away. 020723
frAnk salinger moments are the ones we always end up writing about. your observation is very interesting. 020724
phil today 020729
girl_jane Cedar Point...I've been there-hopefully I'll be going back this summer...Noah and I have some things to take care of there... 030408
pipedream last weekend a friend of mine got married, and there were the cutest three-year old twin girls there! the best part was their little ponytails: wispy brown baby hair curling innocently...awwwwwww it was sooo cuuuttee...and then there's my two-year old nephew with his soft baby hair and new-tooth smile.. 030408
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