ClairE My friend Nick looks like one. He likes to talk to my friend Miriam about S&M. I am pleased to have introduced them. 011216
Invisible Robot Irish midgets are great. All Hail the leprechauns. 020701
josie That's where i saw the leprechaun.. he told me to BURN THINGS.. 020701
i havent but it sounds funny as a muthafucka
brian the lawyer the leprechaun also told you to cut off your PUUUBIC HAIRS and put them in some yogurt 020829
Sintina Paul.
My boss does a leprechaun voice in order to make us laugh when the silence is crowding around us like so much pizza dough, threatening to choke us all in a sea of pepperoni.
I think I'll get the word "melodrama" tatooed on my body somewhere.
neemawashere i wonder, can bananas see in color? i dont know, theyre yellow n all but i wonder if they know they are yellow because if they cant see in color then they wouldnt be yellow they would be a grayish color so please answer my question because if u do then neema wont eat ur brain with his rat army o and leprechauns are cool to 041108
unbridled lucky charm of my essence 041108
acidshank this is the one. yes it is.
all around. in my hair
only special eyes can see them
stork daddy why are they such jerks? 041208
deathofarose never ever make a slasher/horror picture using a leprechaun as the main antagonist......I just laugh my ass off....hmmm...maybe that was the end result they wanted. 041209
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