Q Beyond topological discontinuities: flaws that are likely to impede accomplishing a goal; or, to the minds of most, mental peculiarities, eccentric ideas, or peculiarities or wide deviations from the usual in sexual behavior or taste. 071001
epitome of incomprehensibility There was a warning in a craft book not to let kinks form in the wire, because they're hard to get out.

And, in some alternate timestream, I'm asking a German-accented young philosopher if we can roleplay various warring nations. Considering our histories, World War 2 is a little too raw, like having your hands tied with craft wire, and I'm not into being tied up or tying other people up.

However, Palestine/Israel is a favourite, and I'm still trying to recruit my same-genre crush from Christian Incongruous High (genre means language; she was language, and beautiful straight black hair) so we can do Pakistan/India/Kashmir.

Of course these are just fantasies, like making money selling jewelry, with or without kinks.
epitome of incomprehensibility Mmm. Let's lovingly and consensually penetrate some national boundaries.

The_truth is, I'm only in love with Person Y in dreams and nostalgic moments, and Person X in dreams of dreams, but someone has to be Kashmir, don't they? I mean, whether they are (particular) people or nations doesn't really matter; they're a classic love triangle.

(I hope the Axis Powers Hetalia fandom doesn't think of killing me, like the Al-Qaida fandom did to cartoonists in Paris. Please, please be nice. I did not mean to make fun of your kink. Please see for more obfuscation.)
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