Splinken "well it's only a paper moon, just as (something) as it can be, but it wouldn't be make believe, if you believed in me." 000623
god full moon, swell maps 020405
imposter My light is going supernova and leaving me a black_hole

Fire into darkness, unimaginable weight

No escape
mj energy stifled
folds upon itself
Big muff The impacted turd of your words stifles my anal creativity. 030904
pipedream too much chaos
behind the wall
my iron grip
on myself
too strong
i am afraid
i will
explode one day
i almost wouldn't
as long as
noone sees me it's
the whole business
of being strong
that is stretching my
nerves tighter and
i keep
afloat when the seaweed
tries to lock its jaws
around my ankles
i don't fancy wallows
in the murky deeps
of memory. i
am edged with
expectation of an impending
something, the
ominous shadow
wafting at the
corners of my days
is racking my vision
taut. everything
is buzzing with
a soft, eerie macabreness
wary i am
tiptoeing around
myself i
have to decide
if i would want
a trigger.
whitechocolatewalrus Explosion inside myself. 031204
misstree even as the vomit is coming up,
reverse the flow, keep desperate grip
and slam it all back inside,
and inside that, and inside that,
until what fought for freedom
becomes the darkest heart
nomme that was so alive pipedream, i loved reading it, thanks for sharing with us 031205
charlie i feel myself collapsing inward 031205
pipedream thank you, nomme sweetie :) 031205
formaldhyde act 040225
hy crumple 040226
Doar of gravities rainbow. 050815
pete being flippant ohhh liberals 071017
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